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You have so
many stories to
share, and only
one legacy
to offer...

CWT [Creative Writing Therapy] is a toolkit of specific writing techniques that help you to improve your holistic health, wellbeing, and success.

Expressing yourself creatively through the tools of CWT can support you in adapting past traumas so that they actually benefit you now; helping you to create strategies that support your success in relationships, professionally, and in living the life you want.


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Express yourself and be heard with CWT: Every day you express yourself through words and phrases that communicate a very different story to the one you believe you’re telling. By designing your linguistic patterns with CWT, you can be much more effective in how you relate to others and ensure that other people hear what you have to say.

You have the potential within to build an amazing life for yourself. Through CWT you can sculpt that life through words and the way you use the English language.

Tap into your core abilities and preferred sensory experiences to stop living by default and design success for yourself, through your innate creativity.

Overcoming Trauma with CWT: Trauma can arise from many forms of painful experience that range from the extremes of abuse to simply not having our needs met. As children, we encountered traumas that we cannot even define through internal imagery or words. By giving these subconscious experiences a voice, you can redefine the role they play in your life, transforming pain into potential.

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