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CWT (Creative Writing Therapy) was first introduced by Martyn Pentecost in 2001 as a range of tools and techniques to help people overcome deep-seated trauma through the creation of short stories, novels, and plays. Over time the system has evolved into a diverse and wide-reaching therapy that could be viewed as a series of life skills. These provide the CWT user with enhanced abilities in interpersonal communication, a means of developing holistic wellbeing, a success methodology, a form of psychology, and even a modern spiritual practice philosophy for the technology age!

From its early inception, CWT was based upon a two-tier approach of creativity and therapy, where one aspect complemented the other. Thus, the student of CWT could focus primarily on improving their writing skills, often for pursuing a professional writing career, or approach their studies with a view to helping themselves and others in a therapeutic environment. The exceptional quality of CWT is, of course, that both therapy and creativity work together to create transformation in both areas, regardless of where one’s focus is placed. And in turn, these changes egress into every aspect of life to initiate wide-reaching, lasting change.

In the past few years, CWT has come to envelop other aspects of practice and mastery in great detail, whilst still retaining those original cornerstones of practice. Now, CWT expands one’s business success, embraces a modern view of spirituality and higher brain function, and explores the nature of one’s own legacy; the treasures we leave behind for others… treasures that inspire people in different regions of the world and create a resource that last for many lifetimes.

It is this sense of legacy that has come to symbolise the essence of CWT; that of storytelling. For in every book, business, or life-experience there are stories waiting to be told. Hence, the art of the CWT user is that of the storyteller who shares their legacy with others. So, whatever it is that you want to create in your life, be it a seemingly fleeting desire or a life-long mission that you feel compelled to complete, the story of that adventure begins with a single word…

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