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We all have stories to tell. It is a basic human need to share with others the life experiences that make us who we are and sculpt how we perceive the world around us. As we grow older, the need to express our stories becomes increasingly more important; a way of inspiring others and creating a lasting legacy.

Yet, whilst many are able to share their stories in conversation, or through brief snippets of text, the ability to truly instil your core message into an extended piece of prose is much more challenging. Writing with a great depth of emotion can be enormously cathartic, but may not engage the reader in a way that adequately portrayed the level of those emotions. Random thoughts can often take us on a multitude of tangents that end up in a convoluted or difficult to navigate piece of writing. Remaining unfocused and lacking effective writing habits in the midst of so many other urgent or important distractions could mean your story is never told.

Forming strategies that, in turn, create conducive habits is just one aspect of CWT that will help you to write your story. Whether you have plans for a novel, an autobiography, or some other means of expressing yourself, CWT will help you to develop a natural flow that makes writing easy. With that ease, you will also discover useful techniques that alleviate many of the common issues that new writers face.

From creating extended pieces of quality writing from a single word, to sense writing and interactive writing skills that instil inordinate scope to the landscape of your work, just six weeks of using CWT can truly revolutionise your approach as an author.


It’s those little triumphs in the face of adversity that have the power to inspire others many times over. The successes you have achieved that your readers aspire to. This is your legacy… one that can last many lifetimes.


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