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You can grow and develop your skills with CWT in many different ways, from working with the tools to write a book or simply improve your writing skills, to improving health, overcoming trauma, creating success, or some form of transformation in your life. And now, discovering CWT is even more profound with the introduction of very special home study programmes. These ‘Home Experiences’ are presented through printed material, rich audio/visual media, and interactive content online. Each experience is ‘themed’ to be an adventure or journey that tells a story in itself. This theming provides a greater degree of cohesion, retention, and depth when learning CWT, as well as offering you the most enjoyable experience yet.

The CWT Home Experiences provide an engaging and compelling environment in which to learn; one that offers the interaction of a live event, with the comfort and flexibility of home study. With weekly training seminars, mentoring, community support, and lots of fascinating resources, you will be surprised by how much fun, this type of profound therapy can be!

The first layer of Home Experience and the initial step to learning CWT is the Introductory level. On this six week adventure, you will gain an insight into the foundations of Creative Writing Therapy, explore the scope and various uses of CWT, and be guided to the stream of ongoing training you may wish to participate in. With this simple, yet deeply moving and informative course, you are merely moments away from discovering the power and majesty of CWT for yourself… and six weeks away from writing your novel, feeling healthier, beginning the path to success, and transforming your life in ways you have not yet begun to imagine…




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