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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve always had a dream about writing a book, can CWT help?

CWT can help you with the actual act of writing, and with the logistics of writing extended prose! So, not only do we investigate the getting of words onto paper/screen, we also explore strategies for time-management, motivation, planning/structuring ideas, and issues such as lack of confidence, etc.

I’ve written a book, but cannot find a publisher, can you help me?

CWT can provide you with a meta-level approach to your work, offering means of refining your manuscript, not by telling you what to do, but providing you with a perspective that supports your revision without comprising your unique talents. CWT can also help with letter/email communication strategies and the presentation of your work through synopsis writing and the construction of compelling marketing text.

I’ve always done journalling/kept a diary, how is CWT different?

CWT is a wide range of tools that immerse the senses, engage the subconscious/creative mind, and help you to adapt the way you communicate in authentic and very personal ways. You can use your journalling experience and keep a diary to enhance your CWT practice, yet this is simply one aspect of the much richer and more complex arc of CWT.

What is transmedia?

Transmedia is a term that is used to describe a piece of creative work that uses more than one medium. For example, a ‘VAEO’ title uses the book format, with integrated virtual content such as sound, reader interactivity, and video in a very cohesive, seamless way. Therefore each medium complements and relies on all the others. Some forms of transmedia even use aroma and food items to enhance the experience. Examples of transmedia products can be found here and here.

I want to study with Martyn personally, does he still teach live events and courses?

Martyn does still present occasional CWT events and courses, details of which are listed on the Experience pages. These are held in specific locations and can involve long waits. If you are eager to embark on your CWT adventures, it is recommended that you work with the CWT Home Experiences and then supplement these with live training as and when it takes place.

How do I enrol on the Introductory Home Experience?

You can enrol now and gain immediate access, here.

Can I train as a professional Creative Writing Therapist, CWT Consultant, Mentor, or Teacher?

Yes, professional training is available through this website, with details of forthcoming streams listed on the Experience pages when available.

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