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From thrillers and fantasy novels, Martyn Pentecost evolved his teenage love of writing into a lasting career that has encompassed everything from journalism to children’s books, murder mysteries to business development.

In his twenties, Martyn developed a passion for therapeutic methods and the ancient energy arts of Eastern traditions. Through these he found his mission to help others. Whether it be through conducting treatments, providing consultations, or facilitating training events, Martyn’s focus remains on how best to help others find their core-self and how they can best express this in a way that suits them.

Throughout his thirties, Martyn furthered his study through various forms of cerebral practice, from NLP to brainwave entrainment, progressive business strategy to personal profiling techniques. All of which, coalesced into the therapies he has originated over the years and continues to refine on a regular basis.

Now in his forties, Martyn has written over 25 published works of fiction and non-fiction, created several audio and online programmes, and originated in excess of 15 forms of therapeutic method that are practised and taught all over the globe.

With the co-founding of an independent publishing company in 2009 (mPowr), Martyn also provides support for new authors and artists to sculpt and publish their works, and existing authors to publish the niche projects they are passionate about. With the introduction of transmedia titles, Martyn now dedicates time helping others create diverse and deeply enriching experiences that engage all the senses from sight and sound, to feeling, smell, and even taste!


Martyn Pentecost

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