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There are elements of CWT that support you in a quest for spiritual evolution and the experience of higher-consciousness. This does not mean ‘religion’ or ‘faith’, but instead focuses on a very modern perspective of spirituality in the context of a natural and very necessary aspect of the human life. Spiritual nourishment is derived from the very real experiences of compassion, empathy, wisdom, knowing, and an integral sense of connection to others; be they family or members of our community, animals, the natural world, or some sense of greater expansion.

When we see past many of the common associations with spirituality (which tend to be focused on the outside world, rather than internal experience) we start to participate with a much neglected facet of the self. The intangible and somewhat nebulous consciousness enables us to think and feel in ways that are very different to what you might be used to. The effects of using CWT to create transformation of your essential perception, facilitates a broadening of your brainwave spectrum, from the usual beta range of waking consciousness, into deep-level and modulated frequencies associated with enhanced creativity, meditation, and spiritual awakening.

The broad palette of the Creative Writing Therapy tools, therefore enables you to integrate each technique with your own views and beliefs. Whether you are an active participant in some form of faith-based group, spiritual in a non-religious sense, or even agnostic, atheist, or sceptical, you can sculpt your CWT practice around your own, individual way of perceiving the world—the purpose being transformation of oneself and one’s life into something profoundly enriching.

The scope and flexibility that CWT provides, not only is adaptable to suit your needs and specific goals, but also presents you with the opportunity to grow and develop in ways you have not yet experienced. By exploring your own creativity and using the techniques that are offered with CWT, you can literally transform the difficulties that have previously gained strength from remaining unnoticed! Thus, the transformative experiences you will attain from working with your creative writing can change your life in extraordinary ways.



“When profound transformation takes place on every level of your being, it is one of the most wondrous experiences that you will ever know in your life.”



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