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The core premise of CWT is one of holism and oneness. This is not merely some esoteric notion of an holistic approach; it is a deep and complex strategy for improving health and wellbeing. We often tackle each symptom we experience as a cause of disease, rather than the effect of some underlying issue. The flu causes us to feel unwell, surely? It could not possibly be symptomatic of a deeper disconnection from oneness?

The Creative Writing Therapy ethos demonstrates that you were born with a specific perspective or mission. This is not some fatalistic task that you were ‘given’, but an innate aspect of who you are as a person. It is the part of you that craves fulfilment and believes you were destined for more than your current level of attainment. Somewhere along the way, however, most people become disconnected from that inherently truthful Core-Self and start living to the expectations of other people.

This fragmentation creates the fissures and flaws that cause us to become dis-eased, and whilst much of this fracturing takes place once we have mastered language, there are elements of our disassociation that begin before we have even learned how to speak. These traumas exist so deeply within that conventional methods, usually so effective for redefining our pain and difficulties, cannot tackle them.

Nevertheless, CWT can help you to consciously and coherently manage trauma and heal in very natural and holistic ways. By mastering your creative writing skills, you can communicate using language and symbolism in a way that your logical mind cannot comprehend. This bypasses the questions and sceptical left-hemisphere of your brain and activates your right-brain.

When you create prose that uses right-brain or balanced-brain metaphor, you can redefine those aspects of your psyche which feel detached or ‘lost’. You can thoughtfully and with volition, reshape your internal experiences so that each aspect of yourself is sculpted into a single, holistic being… the you, you were born to be. This deep sense of connection and trust in oneself, radiates health and healing to each layer of your physiology and psychology in ways that could be equated with a spiritual or enlightenment experience.



“Your health is such a precious and fragile gift… being able to help others to discover health again is an equally as precious and fragile gift.”



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